Energy Audit is defined as the systematic procedure by which sufficient knowledge of the existing energy consumption of a building, manufacturing facility or installation is obtained. Energy conservation measures are therefore identified and where possible quantified, and presented in a report.
An Energy Audit addresses all forms of energy (electricity, gas, liquid fuels) as well as water useage and examines the building envelope for insulation deficiencies, the lighting system, the HVAC system, power circuits, people habits, methods etc.
An Energy Auditor is the qualified and licensed person who is eligible to perform the Energy Audits.


In Cyprus, the Energy Audits are governed by local and european legislation, there is a methodology (EN 16247:2012) to be adhered to and the local authorities have control and power on the Energy Auditors who operate 'legally'. Therefore, anyone interested to have his/her facility audited will be safer and better served if he/she assigns the job to a licensed Auditor. These professionals are experienced engineers, have undergone a vigorous and specialised trainning program, succeeded in exams and are included in the registry of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism.


At Enerflow we specialise in Energy Audits both for buildings and industrial facilities. We have a long track record of successful audits with numerous satisfied customers, because we strongly believe that:

The Cheapest Energy is the Energy not Used !

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