At ENERflow Consulting, we are equipped with the latest technology tools to model and calculate the Energy Performace of buildings, in order to provide our customers with fast, high quality, accurate and competitively priced services.
We do care about your energy needs and your energy performance.
Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) can be issued by our in-house Qualified Experts certified by the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry & Tourism under the 2002/91/EC Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings. According to the CY Laws No.142(I)/2006, No.30(I)/2009 and No.210(I)/2012 regarding Energy Performance of Buildings, all 'new to be' buildings applying for Building Permit as well as all existing buildings (flats or houses) for rent and/or for sale, must possess Energy Performance Certificates indicating their rated Energy Class. The new buildings must be built to Class B or higher Energy rate.
Enerflow's EPCs are always accompanied by elegant suggestions for energy performance improvements and if any of the improvements are implemented resulting in Energy Class advancement, a new EPC is issued free of charge, .....because we care!


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